About Us

Our mission is to keep the honey bee alive and strong, which in turn will keep the human population healthy, strong and fed. As Einstein said “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!” My ancestors have been raising bees for over 10 generations, and I am grateful to have learned the bits and pieces that I have learned from family,friends and my neighboring bee keepers in Sullivan County NY. My goal is to provide the best tasting , pure and highest quality product that I can produce. Keeping my bees is important since the honey bee accounts for 80% of pollination throughout the world. Here at my farm, Apple State Hilltop Family Farm, and Apiary we are a small family operation and my goal is to provide the freshest, Pure, Raw, Natural Honey. I work very hard at producing different types of blossomed honey and provide a nice variety of Spring , Summer and Fall honey. I love to cater to all of my exquisite customers that have great taste by offering them a vast variety of bottles such as my easy to use flip top adorable honey bears, and a nice selection of glass jars as well, like my gamber, and old fashioned jug type jars. I must say that my drive to keep everything spotlessly clean has made me stand out from some of the rest of other apiaries. Since honey is a food I believe it should be handled in the most hygienic ways. When you receive my honey you will see PURE PRIDE in what I do. You will never find an upside down label or fingerprints or smudges of honey on bottles. It takes a of of patience tending to the bees keeping them and yourself calm, also dealing with intense heat while wearing a full suit. but at the end it is all worth it. I try and eat all of my honey and use it to experiment with new recipes that I will post from time to time.